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Dave Fisher

Dave Fisher

Pekin, IL

"I knew we had purchased insurance to cover the financial loss but COUNTRY supplied us with people who care."

It was a pretty summer day in June, 2009. Anna Fisher was in the kitchen, talking to her sister on the phone. When Anna first smelled smoke, she assumed it must have been carried in on the breeze since the windows were open. But then she saw smoke coming from their garage.

Quickly, Anna tried to put out the fire with a fire extinguisher. She thought she’d squelched it. But then, something in the garage exploded and suddenly the fire was bigger than before. She called 911 and then her husband Dave. Anna stood in the front yard and watched helplessly as the fire spread to their home.

As he hurried home, Dave could see the huge plume of black smoke coming from their home long before the house itself was in sight. The police and fire department were already on the scene, so Dave called his COUNTRY Financial representative, Jack Pallardy. Jack immediately went to go check on the situation. “The house was still on fire when our agent showed up,” Dave said.

Jack’s presence was just the beginning. Bryan Hubner, a COUNTRY Financial claims representative, showed up next to give the Fishers the money their policy allowed for a place to stay as well as for clothes and other items they would need immediately. The fire had destroyed the entire rear of the house, but until then, Dave and Anna hadn’t even thought about the fact that they would need a place to sleep that night.

“Jack filled our life with people who knew what to do when we didn’t,” Dave explained. The Fisher family found a furnished rental to live in temporarily. Dave and Anna were able to meet with the people who were rebuilding their home. “Each day, COUNTRY did something for us,” Dave said. Dave and Anna were finally able to move back into their home in February, 2010. And while they missed being in their own home for 9 months, they didn’t miss out on any service from COUNTRY. “They give you a personal experience, you feel like they are now your friends.”

“I knew we had purchased insurance to cover the financial loss but COUNTRY supplied us with people who care.”