Youth Education Materials

It's never too early to teach your kids about money and safety. They need to be prepared when they start school, learn to drive or head off to college. Help them gain a solid foundation of financial and safety knowledge with these resources. And don't forget, our local reps are always ready to help!

Mother helping daughter with homework

Money matters

It’s important to educate young people about money, for their financial future and the future of our communities.  

Who are these materials for?

Teachers and parents can download these materials to use in your home or classroom.  Or better yet, request to have a representative present the lesson in your classroom.  

Connect the materials to State Standards (PDF)

Kindergarten – 2nd grade

Teach your kids what money looks like, how much things cost and how to earn, spend and save with purpose.

Grade 3 – 6

Teach your kids how to budget, set financial goals, bank and save for the future.

Middle school 

Teach your kids how to budget, bank, use credit wisely, save and invest. 

High school 

Teach your teens how to bank, budget, use credit wisely, invest and manage risk. 

Young adult 

Teach your young adults how to manage debt and transition from high school to college. 

Want your local rep to present these materials to your class? Just contact them and they’ll work with you to set it up! 

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Safety with Reddy

Meet Reddy, our safety mascot. He’s ready to teach your kids about everything from conservation to farm safety through games and puzzles.

Available resources 

Your kids will have so much fun with Reddy, they won’t even know they’re learning! 

Being green with Reddy

Reddy Goes Green

Follow Reddy as he learns about recycling, identifies fruits and veggies and even learns how to make spiced carrot muffins!  

Fire safety with Reddy

Fire Safety with Reddy 

Help Reddy do a fire safety check, find the fire exits in your house and create an escape plan together.  

Safety first with Reddy

Safety First with Reddy

Ride along with Reddy as he learns about helmets, road signs and hand signals needed to stay safe on two wheels. 

On the farm with Reddy

On the Farm with Reddy

Reddy loves to go to the farm! Follow him as he learns how to stay safe when he visits. 

Want to provide these books in your classroom or home? Contact your local rep and they can get them to you for free!

Father and son in black car

Behind the wheel

You knew this day would come. Your teen is ready to drive. But that doesn’t mean you’re prepared to hand over the keys just yet. We get how important, and scary, this milestone is for both of you.   

Need help to promote good driving habits?

Here are some ways you can prepare your teen, and your pocketbook, for the big day. 

Meet with your rep 

Set up a meeting with your local rep. They can talk to your teen about how to stay safe behind the wheel.

Talk to your teen 

Share this information with your teen to reinforce the importance of distraction-free driving.  

"Distracted driving is real simple, it’s anything that takes you away from driving” - Officer Rex Reynolds

Save some money 

Adding a teen driver to your car insurance can also put a dent in your pocketbook. Here are two ways you can save and get the protection you need for your family.  

Simply Drive® discount 

Have your teen take our Simply Drive course and they may qualify for a discount.

Good student discount

Full-time students with at least a B grade point average could earn a discount.

Reach out to your local rep for more information on how to keep your teens safe behind the wheel.  

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