Country Estate Insurance

We'll set you up with the right insurance for your farm, with coverages specifically for your life in mind.

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The basics

Who's it for?

Do you have a small farm but don’t make your living off farming? COUNTRY Financial® is one of the few companies to offer Country Estate insurance coverage – special farm protection available on your home insurance policy.

Country Estate insurance is typically purchased by suburban or rural homeowners with small amounts of land who need additional farm protection not included with home insurance coverage. As long as your annual gross income from a small farming or animal operation falls below a set limit (which varies by state), you may be eligible for this insurance.

How it works

Your farm property will generally be insured for its current market value. Since most farm property depreciates over time, you’ll have more coverage for newer items and less coverage for older ones. We can help you take inventory of what you own to figure out how much coverage to get.

Adding Country Estate coverage to your home insurance can give you added protection for farm personal property, outbuildings, farm signs, fences and cargo.


Coverage options

Farm personal property

Farm personal property coverage generally gives you blanket protection for things like hay and grain, equipment and portable buildings, tools and supplies and livestock.

We’ll help you add up your property so you can decide how much coverage to buy. You can also choose to insure each item separately, rather than buy blanket coverage for everything.


Animals have specific coverage limits, so you may need to increase your limits depending on your situation. Those items would need to be insured outside of the blanket coverage.

  • Cattle - $2,000 per head
  • Horse, mule or donkey - $1,000 per head
  • Swine - $500 per head
  • Sheep or goat - $200 per head


Country Estate insurance can protect buildings you use for farming, like barns used for livestock, pole buildings used for machinery storage, and cribs used for ear corn storage.

Coverage can vary a lot depending on the building type and condition. We’ll take a look at your situation and help you insure each building separately.

Farm signs

Coverage is available for farm signs that are permanently attached to a building, freestanding and permanently anchored, or portable.


You can get additional coverage for the following specialty or decorative fencing including chain link, redwood, vinyl, wood rail yard fence, and small livestock loading pen or corral fence.

General farm fencing cannot be insured.


Cargo coverage is automatically included as part of your farm personal property coverage. It protects against loss to property (like livestock) while being loaded, transported or unloaded.

Ready to start?

Start online, find a local rep, or call us at 866-COUNTRY (866-268-6879). We'll help you find coverage that works for you.

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