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Retirement needs calculator

Whether you started work a year ago or retirement is drawing near, the more you plan - the more you’ll save.  Our retirement needs calculator can help start to plan for your future, so you can enjoy the here and now.

Calculate my retirement needs

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Savings & investing

Stay on top of your money. Use these tools to create a budget, track your spending habits and more.

Budget calculator

Create a budget

Debt payoff worksheet 

Track my debt (PDF)

Holiday budget worksheet

Plan my holiday spending (PDF)

Savings goal calculator

Start saving today

Spending worksheet

Track my spending habits (PDF)

Budget worksheet 

Set up a budget (PDF)

Pay off debt or invest?

Determine whether to pay off debt or invest

Market & economic insights

Follow economic and financial market developments

Car & home

Need a bigger car? Ready for your forever home? Need to protect what you own? These tools can help.

What vehicle can I afford?

Calculate how much you can spend on a vehicle based on your down payment, desired monthly payment, annual interest rate, and loan terms. Vehicle Affordability Calculator

What home can I afford?

Calculate the home loan you can afford based on your income, expenses, down payment, interest rate, and loan terms. Home Affordability Calculator

Create a household inventory

Can you list every item you own? If something were to happen to your home and everything inside it was destroyed, a household inventory would help. Start one today. 


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