Farm/Property Claims

You can report or track your claim within your online account. If you're not a COUNTRY Financial client, call us at 866-COUNTRY (866-268-6879).

Reporting a property storm claim

In many cases, we dispatch teams of claims representatives to areas hit hard by tornadoes and other types of severe weather. A claims representative will schedule a time with you to inspect your property damage.


Find out more about filing a property claim.

Steps to protect your property during reporting a claim

When reporting a disaster claim, take these measures to help secure your property and aid us in compiling your damage report.

Protect your property

Protect and clean up your property. Board up broken windows, cover holes with tarps and take steps to prevent further damage to your property.

Save repair receipts

Save all receipts from emergency repairs.

Take inventory

Make an inventory of your damaged property. Include age, model number, date of purchase and current purchase price for each item, if possible.

Collect photographs

Take photos of your damaged property and give them to your claims representative.

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Check your claim online

Log in or register and choose the Claims tab to check your claim status, including your adjuster information, the date a first payment is made, and more.

Information needed to report a claim

To help make the claims process go smoothly, take a moment to gather important information about the incident.

  • Your telephone numbers, including home, work and cell numbers
  • A household contact you want handling the claim
  • Your policy number
  • Date and location of damage
  • Description of damage

Frequently asked questions

While one year is common, the time limit to report a claim varies by state. It's best to report a claim as soon as you're aware of it. Please contact your representative for your state’s specific limit. 

If another person is at fault, COUNTRY Financial will pursue the at-fault party and/or their insurance company to recover your deductible. The timeframe will depend on how long it takes for the insurance company or at-fault party to reimburse us.

Each claim situation is different. When your claims representative contacts you to talk about your claim, they can let you know if it will affect your policy. You can also contact your representative if you have questions about your policy premiums.

Claims assistance your way

Get support from local experts

Your rep is always there to help:

  • Answer your insurance questions
  • Guide you through the claims process
  • Balance your coverage needs with your budget
  • Update your coverage as your life changes

Most common claims questions

We've answered some of the most common claims questions, like the ones below.

  • How do I report a claim?
  • Is this claim going to affect my premium?
  • What is the typical claims process?
  • When do I get my deductible back?

Have additional questions?

Call us at 866-COUNTRY (866-268-6879) or reach out to your representative for help.  

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