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Managed Accounts

Spend your free time doing what you want. Let us handle the investing.

Investing can be a great way to build a nest egg for retirement. But, there’s a good chance researching investments isn’t how you like to spend your free time. You’re not alone. COUNTRY Financial® can help.

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CoMPAS Account

When it comes to investing, we know you may need some direction. A CoMPAS account can help.

Focus Account

Put your future into focus with an investment strategy personally designed for your financial goals.

Vision Account

You’ve worked hard to accumulate your wealth. See how a Vision Account will work hard for you.

Investment Management: Journey Series

Our Journey Series of Investment Management can simplify your life whether you are starting to invest, have a rollover 401(k), or have complex investment needs.

Basics of investing

Through our Journey Series, we'll help you with some of the basics of investing:

dollar symbol with surrounding circles
Asset Allocation

Your money is divided among asset categories like stocks, bonds, mutual funds and cash to address your specific time horizon and tolerance for risk.



This helps keeps your portfolio within your asset allocation mix.


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Choosing Investments

We'll select investments that help meet the goals of the asset allocation strategy you choose, based on your tolerance for risk.

Compare our Journey Series Accounts

There are three managed account types in our Journey Series, each with its own unique features. Each of these managed account types gives you the potential to grow your money.

CoMPAS Focus Vision
Suggested minimum



$1 million

What you get

No-load mutual funds to help you maximize your assets in anticipation of life events.


A unique blend of active and passive investment management.

A customized portfolio of individual securities.

Introducing COUNTRY Financial® Mobile

Need to view your insurance card in a hurry, pay your bill over your morning coffee, or contact your rep? You can do all of that and more with our app. Download it today!

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May lose value

No bank guarantee

Investment management, retirement, trust and planning services provided by COUNTRY Trust Bank®. Please see our Terms & Conditions for more information about COUNTRY Trust Bank and its affiliates.


Diversification and rebalancing do not assure a profit or protect against loss in a declining market.