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What does home insurance cover?

COUNTRY Financial home insurance coverage

When buying home insurance, you can decide what type of events (perils) to protect your home (dwelling coverage) and personal property from. You can choose from two coverage levels: 

Standard coverage 

Standard coverage, also known as broad form, protects from common causes of loss, called perils. This includes fire, lightning, wind/hail, freezing pipes, theft, vandalism and more. These causes of loss are specifically named in your home insurance policy and are the typical types of events you would expect homeowners insurance to cover. Ask your rep about specific coverage limits for certain items.

Premier coverage 

This coverage level, also known as the risk of direct physical loss, expands protection beyond that list of perils to other events that could cause damage to your home and your belongings.  Because we’re defining this coverage as “events that are not specifically named in your policy,” we’re supplying a couple of examples1:  

Dropping a bucket of bleach 

If you were cleaning your home or bringing in groceries and dropped a gallon of bleach that splattered causing damage to your walls and carpet and your brand-new couch, this would not be covered at the Standard level. But if you had selected Premier on your Dwelling coverage, your wall and flooring damage would be covered, and if you had selected Premier on your Personal Property coverage, your furniture would have been covered.  

A power surge damages your electronics

If a power surge occurred and damaged or destroyed your theater system, computer(s) or other high-value electronic equipment and you had Standard coverage on your Personal Property, your homeowners insurance would not replace or repair that equipment. If you had Premier protection on your Personal Property, it would be protected.

Note: You will choose Standard or Premier coverage levels for both your Dwelling coverage and Personal Property coverage, and you do not need to choose the same protection for both.

Homeowners Insurance 101

Understand the basics of home insurance before you get a homeowners insurance quote.

Actual Cash Value vs. Replacement Cost

Explore Actual Cash Value and Replacement Cost settlement options.

Understand your home insurance coverage

When you're buying home insurance, you need to know what you're buying and how it will protect you if you have a home insurance claim

Review these valuable resources, and contact your local agent for answers to all your home insurance coverage questions. 

Loss settlement options for home insurance claims

While your home insurance will have a dwelling coverage limit when you buy your policy, you choose how depreciation and inflation will affect your coverage if you have a claim. Known as settlement options, you’ll select either actual cash value or replacement cost coverage.  

Actual Cash Value 

If you select Actual Cash Value (ACV) protection and you have a claim, your home or belongings value will include depreciation. That means the age of your property and wear and tear will reduce the property value.

Replacement Cost 

If you select Replacement Cost protection and you have a claim, your property will be valued at the cost necessary to repair or replace your home or belongings using similar kind and quality materials or items. It does not subtract for depreciation, so it’s based on today’s costs to restore, rebuild or replace your property. 

Talk with your insurance agent about additional protection against inflation so you can select the right home insurance for your situation. 

Added protection against the impact of inflation

Replacement Cost coverage assures your property value isn’t reduced for depreciation. However, if the cost to repair or rebuild your home has increased (inflation), you could still have a gap between what the insurance claim pays and the cost to rebuild, repair or replace your property. 

Talk to your insurance agent about two additional levels of dwelling protection - Extended Replacement Cost2 (up to 120% over coverage limits) and our Guaranteed Replacement Cost coverage2, also known as Additional Replacement Cost coverage, that has no cap and assures you will be able to rebuild regardless of the cost of building materials and labor. 

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How much home insurance do I need?

Get more help along the way by meeting with your representative to discuss your home, the items you own, your budget and more. You’ll walk away with the right home insurance coverage that works for you. Schedule a meeting today.

Answer these questions to help prep for that meeting: 

  • Do you have a home inventory? If not, create a home inventory for insurance claims in less than 10 minutes.
  • Do you run a business out of your home?
  • What year was your home built?
  • Have you made upgrades to your home? 
  • Do you own a pool, trampoline, or playground set?
  • What is the square footage of your home?
  • Do you own a monitored central station burglar or fire alarm system?
  • Do you have a finished basement or a sump pump?

Additional home insurance options

The coverage included in your home insurance policy provides the core protection, but some of the coverages have limits. Based on your needs, you may need to add protection, known as endorsements, to your home insurance policy or even buy additional policies. Here are coverage options to consider and talk with your insurance agent about:  

  • Scheduled personal property – Additional coverage for high-value items, collectibles, jewelry and more. 
  • Sump pump and sewer back up coverage – Endorsement to cover water damage  
  • Earthquake coverage 
  • Flood Insurance 
  • Umbrella insurance – Additional liability coverage 
  • Service Line 3 - Additional coverage for the exterior underground piping and wiring connected to your home. 
  • Identity theft coverage


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1 These are examples and used for illustrative purposes only. Not all physical damages losses are covered. Coverage is subject to policy terms, conditions, and exclusions. 

Property must meet age and condition requirements, which vary by state. 

3 Service Line Coverage and associated services reinsured under an arrangement with The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company (“HSB”). All rights reserved. This document is intended for informational purposes only and does not modify or invalidate any of the terms or conditions of the policy and endorsements. For specific terms and conditions, please refer to the coverage form.

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