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Multi-Policy Discount

You could qualify for this home insurance discount if you have a home policy and one of these policies or accounts with us:

  • Auto insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Disability income insurance
  • A COUNTRY Trust Bank account or Annuity product with a balance over $1,000
  • Commercial insurance

Save money on home insurance with our Multi-Policy Discount and get more protection for your financial future. Check out the types of insurance and annuity options and talk with your insurance agent to determine what’s right for you.  

Get discounts designed to reward you

Welcome Discount

If you purchase a new homeowners insurance policy, you will receive a Welcome Discount and continue to receive that home insurance discount until the policy is renewed after three years (36 months). 

Loyalty Discount

The Loyalty Discount will apply to home insurance policies that have been in place for three years or more. This home insurance discount starts automatically on the first renewal after three years (36 months). 

Good Payer Discount

If you pay your bills on time, you could qualify for our Good Payer Discount. To get this home insurance discount, you must go three years (36 months) without missing a payment that results in a lapse in your home insurance coverage.  

Claim Free Discount

If you’re fortunate and maintain your property well, you could qualify for our Claim Free Discount. If you don’t have certain home insurance claims for five years in a row, you'll qualify for this discount.

Add safety devices to save more

Alarm Credit Discount

Check these alarm systems off your list, and you could save with a home insurance discount.

  • Smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and deadbolt locks 
  • A central station fire or burglar alarm monitored by a fire or police station
  • An automatic sprinkler system installed in all areas of the home

Smart Home Discount

Have you equipped your home with the latest technology like smart thermostats, theft systems, water leak detectors or smart fire/smoke detectors? If so and they’re connected by broadband, wireless, or cellular technology to alert you when something goes wrong, you could qualify for our Smart Home Discount. Talk to your insurance agent about all your systems.

Backup System Discount  

If you have added our Sump Pump Failure/Back-up of Sewer or Drain Coverage Endorsement on your policy and have one or more backup systems in place, including a water pressure or battery backup on your sump pump or a permanently installed generator in your home, you may qualify for our Backup System Discount.

Get discounts based on your home features

Dwelling Age Discount

You may qualify for this home insurance discount if you have a newer home. Talk to your insurance agent for details for your state. 

Hail-Resistive Roof Discount

If your home’s roof meets certain testing standards, you could save money on home insurance with this discount. You’ll need to provide the:

  • Manufacturer’s name
  • Date the shingles were manufactured and installed 
  • Brand name of the shingles through a manufacturer’s warranty, bill of sale, or package label

New Roof Discount

Have you removed and replaced your roof recently? A new roof could save you money on home insurance. 

Safe Heat Discount

You can save with this home insurance discount if your home doesn’t have a solid fuel burning unit (like a wood burning stove).

Wiring Age Discount

If you have new or upgraded electrical wiring, you could qualify for this home insurance discount. Older homes with upgraded wiring require documentation from an electrical contractor or building inspector that shows all electrical components are updated.

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