Car Insurance Discounts

Loyalty discounts

Whether you have more than one car insured with COUNTRY, have multiple types of insurance protection with us, or are long-term clients passing your coverage benefits to your children, we want to reward you with car insurance discounts. Learn how these money-saving discounts can help you get the quality insurance protection you need at a price you deserve. 

Multi-Policy Discount 

You could qualify for the Multi-Policy Discount if you have an auto insurance policy and one of these policies or accounts with us: 

  • Home insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Disability income
  • A COUNTRY Trust Bank account or Annuity product with a balance over $1,000
  • Commercial insurance (IL only)

As long as you have home and auto insurance, you can save money on your car insurance while you get the convenience of having your car and home insurance with the same company. 

Multi-Car Discount 

If you insure two or more cars with us, you can save money with our Multi-Car Discount. Parents, when you're looking for car insurance for teens, that second car can be for your teen driver.

Legacy Discount 

As parents, you may want to leave a legacy to your children. With our Legacy Discount, you can start early by passing on your Multi-Car Discount and Multi-Policy Discount to them. When you qualify for those discounts and have unmarried drivers in the family under 25, they may also be eligible for the discounts, even when they don't live in your home. 

Driver discounts

As you travel through life looking for ways to reduce expenses, we want to help you find ways to save money on car insurance. From a successful academic career to getting married, we have ways to help find auto insurance discounts. Consider these ways to lower your car insurance rates.

Engaged Couple Discount

Is your "Save the Date" sometime in the next year? If you're engaged and insure all your cars with us, you may qualify for an Engaged Couple Discount on your car insurance. You must be 21 or older to qualify.

We know weddings are expensive, so saving on your car insurance just because you're engaged could give you some budget relief. 

Occupation Discount

We are committed to the communities we serve, and full-time K-12 teachers, firefighters, police officers, EMTs and paramedics are a vital part of those communities. That's why teachers and first responders may be eligible for our Occupation Discount and save up to 15% on their car insurance. 

Good Student Discount 

We know car insurance for teenagers can be expensive. If you have a teen driver on your insurance, encourage them to keep their grades up. Full-time students with at least a B grade point average could save up to 35% on car insurance.

College Graduate Discount

We congratulate college graduates with a car insurance discount. If you've recently completed your degree and are under age 25, send us your college transcripts or diploma, we'll give you an auto insurance discount. 

Good Driver Discount

Are you a safe driver and do you encourage safe driving with your family members? We believe good drivers should save money on auto insurance. If you go three years with no accidents or traffic tickets, you may qualify for our Good Driver Discount and save on your car insurance. 

Advanced Quote Discount 

With auto insurance, it's critical that you maintain coverage. So, if you're looking to change car insurance companies, consider COUNTRY Financial for quality car insurance coverage, outstanding auto insurance claim service and competitive rates.

If you get an auto insurance quote before your current active policy expires, you could lower your bill by qualifying for our Advanced Quote Discount. Get an auto insurance quote today. 

Family leaving for work and school inside SUV

4 ways to save money on your car insurance

Being a money-savvy shopper isn't the only way to save. You can take steps every day to reduce expenses and control costs. Here are four tips that may help you lower your car insurance costs.

Safety discounts

Car safety discounts are a great way to save money on your auto insurance while building safer driving habits. Safe drivers should pay less for car insurance, and these money-saving discounts can help.

DriverIQ® Program Discount

We reward safe driving.  With our DriverIQ Program, you'll use smartphone app technology to get feedback on your driving. The app gathers data on your acceleration, braking, cornering and phone usage to give you an overall score for each trip. Not only can it help you become a safer driver, you can also save up to 25% on your car insurance when you participate.  

Simply Drive® Discount 

If you have a teen driver on your auto insurance, you may be looking for ways to save money. Teen drivers have higher rates of accidents and have higher car insurance rates. By having your newly licensed driver complete our Simply Drive course, you will not only be reinforcing safe driving, you may qualify for a discount. 

Defensive Driver Discount 

Complete a state-approved motor vehicle defensive driving course, and you may be eligible for a discount. While this is a great option when you are looking for car insurance for teens, you don't need to be a new driver to quality. And you can requalify for the discount by retaking the defensive driving course. Talk with your insurance agent to see if you qualify. 

Anti-Theft Discount 

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, vehicle thefts continue to rise in many areas of the U.S. In 2021,  law enforcement received reports of 932,329 stolen vehicles, a 6% increase over 2020. That's why we offer a car insurance discount for vehicles that help deter theft. Vehicles equipped with an alarm or anti-theft device may help you save on your comprehensive coverage with our Anti-Theft Discount. 

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