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With COUNTRY Financial DriverIQ, save money and get quality car insurance when you drive safely.

Contact your insurance agent to learn more and enroll in the program today. 

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What is COUNTRY Financial DriverIQ?

The COUNTRY Financial DriverIQ Program uses smartphone app technology to give you feedback on your driving so you can become an even safer driver and earn a car insurance discount. 

The app tells you your current DriverIQ discount and your projected savings at renewal. 

How much money can I save on my car insurance?

By enrolling in the COUNTRY Financial DriverIQ Program, you'll automatically save 10%1 on your car insurance!  At each insurance renewal, your discount will be updated based on your safe driving performance. Discounts can range from 1% up to 25%.

How do you calculate my DriverIQ discount?

The COUNTRY Financial DriverIQ App gathers data using your mobile device to measure driving quality based on: 

  • Phone usage while driving (including screen tapping, even when your phone is in a mount)
  • Braking
  • Speeding

Although these factors are not weighted equally, each contributes to your final COUNTRY Financial DriverIQ discount.  Smooth driving within the speed limit and without using your phone will earn the highest discounts.

How do I enroll in COUNTRY Financial DriverIQ?

If you already have car insurance with us or will be switching your coverage to COUNTRY Financial, you can enroll in the COUNTRY Financial DriverIQ Program — just discuss this option with your insurance agent.  

How do I download the COUNTRY Financial DriverIQ app?

COUNTRY Financial DriverIQ download instructions:

  1. Download the COUNTRY Financial DriverIQ App from your app store (Apple Store for iOS or Google Play for Android.)
  2. Log in with your mobile phone number.
  3. Enter the pin you received via text message.
  4. Accept the Terms and Conditions.
  5. Enter your email address.
  6. Read the instructions and accept all permission requests for the app to function properly.
  7. Drive safely!

Note: Once you successfully set up the COUNTRY Financial DriverIQ App do not change any phone permissions required by the app so it can accurately capture your trip activity.

COUNTRY Financial DriverIQ FAQ's

The app will learn your driving behaviors over time based on your common routes and understand whether you fall under the “Driver” or “Passenger” trip classifications. You can review and update your trip classifications, like “Driver” or “Passenger” or other modes of transportation, such as “Bus,” to help the app assess your routines. You can update these classifications as part of confirming your trips for up to five days.

No, the app works in the background and will automatically start collecting your data any time driving is detected. However, you need to ensure your phone’s location services are always enabled so the app can record your trips.

Location Services phone permissions must be set to “Always Allow” for iOS and Android devices for the COUNTRY Financial DriverIQ App to wake up from the background and start recording trips. If Location Services permissions are not set to “Always Allow," your trips will not be recorded, putting your discount at risk of being removed.

IMPORTANT! Your phone will prompt you from time to time, asking if you want to continue allowing Location Services permissions of “Always Allow” for the COUNTRY Financial DriverIQ App. You cannot select the option of “While Using the App” for Location Services because the COUNTRY Financial DriverIQ App will not be able to wake up from the background to record your trips.

It’s important to remember to always select “Always Allow” when prompted!

The app will not run if the phone is powered off.

If something is not working correctly or you have questions, call 866-COUNTRY (866-268-6879) and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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1 DriverIQ discount applies to the bodily injury, medical payments, property damage, comprehensive and collision portions of your payment. Discounts and availability vary by state.

For more information, read our COUNTRY Financial DriverIQ Terms & Conditions.