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Jennifer Cox

Jennifer Cox

Normal, IL

"It was definitely worth having the Keeper policy."

After I totaled my vehicle, they priced out what a new vehicle similar to what I was driving would cost and I received a check in that amount. When I received my check from the insurance company, I was surprised at the size of the check. I was not expecting it to cover what a new vehicle would cost.

I love it! Every time I get in it, I can’t believe it’s really mine!

The claims representative told me had I not had the Keeper policy, the check I received would have been $7,000-$8,000 less. I was dreading having to deal with the insurance side of things but the claims representative made it so easy. It was definitely worth having the Keeper policy.

Client Story: Jennifer Cox

Jennifer Cox talks about her positive experience with a COUNTRY Financial® claims representative when replacing her car.