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COUNTRY Financial in the Community

COUNTRY Financial® Makes Donation to Chicago Public Schools’ Family and Community Engagement in Education (FACE2) Program

August 22, 2018

CHICAGO, Ill. – As students prepare to head back to school in Chicago, COUNTRY Financial is providing monetary support for the Chicago Public Schools’ (CPS) Family and Community Engagement in Education (FACE2) programs. Today at the CPS Network 7 Back-to-School Bash COUNTRY Financial announced it will donate $2,000 to the CPS Network 7 FACE2 program. The organization will pledge an additional $2,000 to the Network 11 FACE2 program at the network’s back-to-school bash on Wednesday, August 22nd.  

Network 7 will use the funding to provide programming in the fields of entrepreneurship, financial planning, and educational outings. Additionally, a portion of the funds will be used to sponsor students who have to commute via public transportation to participate in courses. Network 11 will use the funds for its Parent Coding class through Parent University.  

"On behalf of CPS and the parents we serve through our programs in Family And Community Engagement in Education, we value our partnership with Country Financial and the importance of engaging our parents and providing them with needed resources to support their children's education,” said Herald “Chip” Johnson, Chief Officer, Family and Community Engagement in Education at Chicago Public Schools. “The funds received will support continued programming at our two Parent University sites located in Pilsen and Auburn-Gresham. I look forward continuing to forge such partnerships on behalf of our students and families in the upcoming school year." 

COUNTRY Financial is a preferred partner with CPS, and has provided financial support and financial education for parents and students for eleven years. COUNTRY Financial also works closely with CPS on scholarship programs such as the Chicago City Markets Reusable Bag Design contest, which awards scholarships to high school students who submit artwork for the farmers market bag. 

“COUNTRY Financial believes in empowering students and their parents with financial education, and CPS shares that vision as well,” said Martha Dominguez of COUNTRY Financial. “We’re grateful for the partnership and are excited to continue our work in the Chicago community.”  

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About Family and Community Engagement in Education

The mission of the Office of Family and Community Engagement in Education (FACE2) is to cultivate and maintain healthy working relationships with parents, families, community members and education stakeholders, by establishing a reciprocal exchange of strategic plans and concepts pertaining to the quality of schools and improvement of educational outcomes for all students.

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About COUNTRY Financial

COUNTRY Financial is a marketing name for COUNTRY Life Insurance Company®, COUNTRY Mutual Insurance Company® and their respective subsidiaries, located in Bloomington, IL. COUNTRY Financial serves about one million households and businesses throughout the United States and offers a wide range of insurance and financial products and services.