March 12, 2024

Resource Group Chair Reflects on Her Professional Growth and Opportunities for Women at COUNTRY Financial® and Illinois Farm Bureau

Bloomington, IL – This Women’s History Month, COUNTRY Financial (COUNTRY) and the Illinois Farm Bureau (IFB) celebrate the strategic efforts the family of companies have made to build an inclusive workplace.

Morgan Falconer, Treasury Director for COUNTRY and the IFB, serves as the chair of the organizations’ Women Lead Resource Group (WLRG). She’s been involved with the group since its inception in 2018, first as a co-lead of the Planning Subcommittee, then as a program manager and part of the core leadership team. In 2021 she accepted the role of Chair.

“Being a part of WLRG has been a rewarding and humbling experience,” says Falconer. “I have met so many inspiring women across our organization through Women Lead.”

Falconer says WLRG played an integral role in helping her network with other women in the family of companies and develop professionally, and she has watched other women benefit. “We have members who are already in leadership roles, and who are individual contributors who may or may not aspire to grow into a leadership role.  For those who wish to transition into leadership, our volunteer opportunities can be an excellent way for them to gain leadership experience outside of their day-to-day responsibilities on the job. 

“It has been very encouraging to see many of our members take advantage of these opportunities within our core team and subcommittees.  Our members come to our events to network and meet new people, engage in thought-provoking discussions, and often will walk away with tangible takeaways and beneficial tools for their careers and everyday lives.”

It Takes Leaders to Develop Leaders

Falconer stresses the importance of having support from leadership at every level to have a thriving Employee Resource Group. “The support the WLRG receives from our organization all the way up to the top is simply invaluable.  COUNTRY’s CEO, Jim Jacobs, has continually shown his support and commitment to our cause, which is vital to our success.  We are equally fortunate to have an Executive Sponsor in Rachael Sklamberg, Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, who has been incredibly supportive and dedicated to our purpose and vision.” Falconer credits her direct leader, Alan Dodds, CFO of Illinois Farm Bureau and Vice President of Finance, Treasurer at COUNTRY Financial, for providing opportunities to grow in her current role and expand her knowledge and current experience to prepare her for her future. “I am fortunate to work at a company where I feel respected and valued, and having a supportive leader is a vital part of that,” she says.

The WLRG is just one of five Employee Resource Groups, which are part of the companies’ Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategy. Others include the Early Career Resource Group, Multicultural Resource Group, Parent and Caregiver Resource Group and PRIDE Resource Group.

“We are committed to taking strategic actions to attract, develop and retain the best talent that represents the diversity of our clients, members and our communities. ,” says Angela Allen, Manager, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at COUNTRY. “We work together to create an inclusive culture in which all voices are heard, and everyone's contributions are valued.”

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