Farmer driving tractor in corn field

90 Years of Crop Technology Advancements

by Valerie Hawkins

We started protecting farms, like yours, over 90 years ago – in the days when horse-drawn plows were slowly evolving into engine-run tractors.

And while our values of supporting you and protecting your livelihood remain the same, our technology has advanced…just a little.

1925 Today
Our claims reps used to walk customers’ fields, assessing damage on foot. Our crop claims specialists evaluate crop damage with high-flying drones.
Alexander Graham Bell was just inventing the early telephone. We developed a free COUNTRY Crop mobile app, so farmers can conveniently view policy documents and file or track a claim from your smart phones.
Farmers were just starting to use mechanical tractors and ditching the horse-drawn plows.  We’ve made sure our tools work with your precision ag technology, allowing you to easily upload your planting and harvesting data.

Speaking of precision ag technology, learn more about how to get accurate acreage reporting in minutes:

From our humble beginnings to now, we continue to listen to our customers, and adapt to your ever-changing needs, so you can protect what you have, prepare for a comfortable future and eventually pass that farm to the next generation.

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