5 Questions Farmers Should Answer Annually

by Valerie Hawkins

Your farming operation changes frequently. And when you make updates on your farm, you also need to update your insurance coverage.

But, as a farmer, do you REALLY have time to do one more thing…like think about insurance? We get it. That’s why our reps are here to talk with you regularly and ask these five questions, to make sure your protection is up-to-date.

1.  Did you buy any new farm equipment?    

You may change farm equipment frequently. Maybe you purchased a new planter and you need to add it to your policy. Or, you sold off a combine, and you no longer need  coverage for it.

Make sure your farm equipment inventory matches what’s on your policy, so you’re covered come claim-time, or to save you from paying unnecessary premium dollars.

2. Have you built or knocked down any farm buildings?

You may make updates to outbuildings on your farm, like grain bins, barns, machine sheds, and stables. If you build, remodel, or tear down any of these structures, make sure those changes are reflected on your policy.

3. Are you growing a new crop?

Diversifying crops is common among today’s farmers. If you add a new crop to your operation, make sure you update your crop coverage. And new crops might also mean new equipment (see #1)!

4. Have there been any changes to your livestock?

Your livestock may vary each month. Have you sold or purchased a large quantity, or gained or lost a few due to breeding or death?

Whether your policy covers your livestock individually or as a herd, make sure your coverage matches your current animal inventory.

5. Have you purchased any new farm vehicles?

A common coverage gap for farmers is on their farm vehicles. These items are not covered on farm insurance policies, so they need separate auto and auto liability coverage. This type of coverage can be complicated and is often overlooked. 

Our reps are here to help you understand your unique insurance needs, so you’re covered at claim time, and you aren’t paying unnecessary insurance premiums.

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