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7 Tips for Farm Safety 

by Eric Vanasdale, Supervisor, Loss Control 

Farming is one of the most important and dangerous jobs in the United States. Yet here you are – working sun-up to sundown to help put food on our tables.

While you dedicate your life to others, we’re here to help protect you from the unexpected with the right farm insurance coverage.

Try our seven farm safety tips for farmers and their employees:

1. Maintain your farm equipment.

Most farm accidents and deaths involve outdated machinery. That’s because older machinery might lack safety features, or it’s not maintained correctly. Make sure you update farm equipment according to the manufacturer’s advice to help prevent accidents. 

If you have sold or purchased farm equipment, talk with your COUNTRY Financial Insurance Agent about updating your farm insurance policy. 

2. Understand how to safely handle chemicals.

Keep chemicals in their original containers. Train all farm employees on how to best handle the chemicals and what to do in an emergency.

Are you properly covered if an employee is injured while working? Talk to your COUNTRY Financial Insurance Agent about farm liability coverage options

3. Be alert on the road.

Most accidents occur when drivers try to pass a slow-moving farm vehicle, so it is important to practice extra caution on the road during planting and harvest times. You can also use flashing lights to draw attention to the tractor’s slow speed.

4. Have a plan for grain bin safety.

Train workers on grain storage hazards. Follow safe bin entry practices like “Lock Out Tag Out” and use a lifeline system. Have an emergency action plan and train everyone on your farm to follow it. If you need assistance developing an emergency action plan, try these resources from the Grain Handling Safety Coalition

5. Tell your family and employees where and when you’re working.

Be sure to also carry a cell phone or walkie-talkie in case of emergencies or accidents.

6. Get plenty of rest and take frequent breaks.

Have healthy snacks and fluids on hand to keep your energy levels up. Do not push yourself past healthy limits. Accidents are more likely once fatigue sets in.

7. Know how your medications affect you.

Some machinery and medications (both prescription and over the counter) do not mix. Consult your doctor to see if your medicine may harm your ability to safely operate your equipment.

Prioritizing farm safety will not only protect you and your workers, but your business as well. Learn more about protecting your farm


Updated 3-29-23

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