Father and son feeding cow

4 Tips to Keep Kids Safe on the Farm

by Valerie Hawkins

Kids and teens play a large role on the farm – helping with chores and learning all they can to hopefully one day take over the family farm.

There are many benefits of youngsters performing farm work, but there can also be dangers. Here are four simple steps farm families can take for their young ones to remain safe: 

1. Don’t let children ride on tractors or mowers.

Although your kids get a kick out of riding along, extra passengers on heavy machinery can be dangerous.

2. Make sure farm chores are age appropriate.

To help prevent farm injuries, assign kids to age appropriate tasks and educate them about possible risks.

3. Have adult supervision when needed.

Depending on your kids’ ages and the chore, will determine the amount of supervision they need. These guidelines will help you make the call!

4. Lead by example.

Kids are more likely to practice safety on the farm when they see their parents and older siblings working in a safe way.

Invest in the future of farming and make sure your youngsters are safe. 

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