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5 Steps to Build a Safer Workplace

by Valerie Hawkins

Just like building your business took time and hard work, so does creating a strong safety culture. But don’t let that discourage you from getting started.

Although it seems like a big commitment, a safe workplace has lots of great benefits for your employees and customers, including:

  • Less injuries
  • Lower medical and legal expenses
  • Higher job satisfaction

Ok, so that all sounds great, but where and how do you create such a solid safety culture in your business?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)1 has five simple ways to get started with building a safer workplace.

1. Establish safety as a value.

Align safety up to your organization’s mission by identifying it as a core value. This will show your employees you mean business and may help get them on board.

2. Build trust, respect and inclusion.

Demonstrating these values in your day-to-day can help create a solid foundation for a culture of safety for your workers and customers. Ensure your actions are consistent, and your workforce can follow.

3. Engage your people. 

All employees should feel empowered to help create a safer workplace. From management to front-line staff, everyone should be a part of the planning and implementation process to improve safety in the workplace.

4. Provide safety training. 

Training should be at the core of every good safety program. For employees to accurately assess worksite hazards and remove threats, everyone must be involved in proper training.

5. Hold employees accountable.

Defining safety roles and responsibilities for employees of all levels of the organization can help make safety a clear priority for everyone. One way to ensure accountability is by implementing a peer-to-peer rewards system.

Still looking for more information on making your business a safer place? Check out these safety resources. We compiled all sorts of useful information for business owners, just like you. 

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1Occupational Safety and Health Administration