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Single Premium Immediate

Intro to single premium immediate annuities

With a one-time payment, a single premium immediate annuity can provide you with immediate guaranteed income for the rest of your life.

This type of fixed annuity can be a good choice if you’re getting ready to retire or are already retired, and want to turn some of your money into a lifetime income stream. Your retirement situation is unique to you, so a COUNTRY Financial® representative can help you understand our annuity options and give you a quote of how much you might expect to receive. 

How it works

A single premium immediate annuity requires a $10,000 minimum payment to get started, and there’s generally no maximum limit.

You’ll make one lump sum payment to purchase your annuity, and you can choose how frequently to receive payouts from it. Unlike deferred annuities, immediate annuities don't offer an accumulation stage.

Payout frequency options


Payouts begin one year after purchase date.

calendar with number 6

Payouts begin six months after purchase date.

calendar with number 3

Payouts begin three months after purchase date.

calendar page with number 21

Payouts begin one month after purchase date.

Payout options

A single premium immediate annuity can give you a guaranteed steady stream of income, with a variety of payout options to choose from. 

Some common payout options include getting payments for:

  • Life only- payments stop at the annuitant's death.
  • Life with 10, 15 or 20 years of certain - payments stop at the annuitant's death or at the end of a selected period (10, 15 or 20 years), whichever is later.
  • Life with an installment refund - payments stop at the annuitant's death or when the total payouts equal the amount applied under the option, whichever is later.

Another popular choice is to pick an option with your spouse that can continue payments to the surviving spouse after one of you passes away.

Talk to a COUNTRY Financial representative to get more details and review the pros and cons of your options.

Tax information

Payouts you receive from your annuity are divided into two parts: a portion that represents the return of your premium and a portion that represents earnings.

The portion of the payment that's considered to be a return of your initial premium is excluded from your taxable income. Only the portion of your payment that represents a gain is subject to ordinary income taxes.

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