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truck with spilled grain
One small decision = life-changing impact
posted in: Heritage
by Hope Linker

Hunt Farms’ hired hand makes life-changing decision

On a chilly morning in February 2016, the roads of Durand, Illinois were covered in a thick sheet of ice. Hunt Farms, LLC’s hired hand, Mike Alberstett, was traveling along a country road, when a young girl slid through a stop sign on a crossroad right in front of him. At the split second, he swerved to avoid hitting her car. Alberstett's semi then slid into a ditch and ended up back on the road with the truck tipped on its side. He walked away from the accident with broken ribs and an injured shoulder.

Hunt Farms’ truck and trailer were both totaled, and the corn from the load had to be sold as damaged grain. Fortunately, the girl in the other car was fine. Although Alberstett was injured, he luckily made a full recovery. The equipment was easily replaced because of their insurance coverage. Randy and David of Hunt Farms truly believe Alberstett made a decision that saved someone’s life.

We have been proud to insure Hunt Farms for 42 years. Their financial representative, Tyler Hoffman was on the scene of the accident almost immediately. Hoffman said, “Most of our clients aren’t used to situations like this. I felt it was important to make sure Randy and David knew we were there for them. I believe just showing up on the scene of the accident helped to calm them down and allowed them to ask questions that were running through their minds. My presence and support helped to make that morning a little easier for the Hunts”.

Hunt said, “The entire process went seamlessly. Within a matter of a couple weeks, the truck and trailer were both considered totaled, and we received compensation extremely fast so we could get replacements. Whether it's a major accident like this, a small claim from hitting a deer with one of our cars, health and life insurance, or hail insurance for crops, we really feel like we will always be taken care of the right way by Tyler and COUNTRY.”

Heartwarming stories like this are what makes us proud to do what we do. If you’re a client of ours and have a great story to tell, we would love to hear about it in the comment section.

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