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Defensive driving is a must when sharing the road with agricultural equipment.
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by Alex Williams

Defensive driving a must on rural roads

Spring planting is around the corner, which means increased farm traffic on rural roads.

Farmers will be moving tractors, planters and tillage equipment that are often oversized and slow-moving—making it difficult for motorists to know how to behave when sharing the road.

“Drivers are urged to exercise caution and drive defensively especially when agricultural equipment is present,” said Eric Vanasdale, loss control supervisor at COUNTRY Financial. “Farmers are under an intense amount of pressure during planting season. Caution and patience are key.”

Typical crashes with farm equipment include sideswipes and angle crashes. They occur most often when a driver attempts to pass a slow-moving vehicle, or does not realize a farmer is turning or stopping.

Recommendations for drivers

1.   Follow state driving laws

2.   Remember to decrease speed and approach agricultural equipment with care

3.   Never pass farm equipment in a no passing zone

4.   Remember farm equipment may be wider than what is visible from behind, and it may be difficult to see if traffic is approaching in the opposite direction

5.   Maintain a safe following distance

6.   Consider taking an alternative route during peak commuting times such as sunrise and sunset

“We all share the responsibility of making our roads safe,” Vanasdale said. “We can do our part by driving defensively and avoiding dangerous situations as much as possible.”


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