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Small changes can equal big benefits.
posted in: Financial Wellness
by Kristin Smith

Protecting your loved ones is easier than you think

Many people believe they can’t afford life insurance when in reality, they could protect their family’s future by making simple lifestyle changes.

The chart below shows you some things you can give up, cut back, or do to earn the money you need to protect your loved ones.

Give up Cut back Earn extra

Designer coffee – make coffee or tea at home a relaxing ritual

Your cable bill – do you really use all 380 channels they give you?

Like animals? Join a pet sitting site to earn some cash

Eating out – learn to cook instead

Your cell phone bill – how much data are you paying for and how much are you using?

Good at math? Start tutoring in your neighborhood

Satellite radio – burn all of your old CDs to your computer and make your own playlists

Your mileage – start carpooling to save gas money

Crafty? Start your own Etsy shop and sell your creations

Buying books and movies – get a library card instead

Your card usage – carry cash instead, it’s harder to hand over

Talented? Use your skills to freelance on the side

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