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It’s never too early to get started with a life insurance policy.
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by Sam Polczynski

What my internship taught me about: Life insurance

Until my internship here at COUNTRY Financial®, I never paid much attention to life insurance. To be 100 percent honest, I thought I wouldn’t need it until I got (much) older.

But that’s definitely not the case. I quickly learned life insurance has a role to play no matter what life stage you’re in. Including college kids like me! And despite my parents’ wishes of keeping me little forever, it’s time for me to learn how to protect myself and my future family. If your kids are about to leave the nest too, here’s some information to share!

To learn more, I sat down with Rodger Hodge and Brock Westbrook – two financial savvy gurus here at COUNTRY.

Here’s what we covered during our chat:

Why would someone need life insurance? The main purpose of life insurance is to provide money to your loved ones if something happens to you - which can be a great way to help protect your family.

For example, if your parents cosigned on your student loans, they may be responsible for that debt if you pass away. Having a life insurance policy can help protect your loved ones by easing the financial burden.

How much coverage do I need? It can be overwhelming to determine what kind and how much life insurance you need. That’s where a visit to your friendly, local COUNTRY Financial reprentative can come in handy. He or she can help determine what type of life insurance policy is right for you, and how much coverage will meet your current needs.

Wait, there are different KINDS of life insurance? Yes! COUNTRY offers three types of life insurance. Term life insurance is where you essentially ‘rent’ life insurance and purchase it for a certain length of time. Whole life insurance remains in effect your entire life as long as you pay the premiums and don’t cancel or surrender it, but it’s more expensive. Universal life insurance is a blend of term and whole. If you have more questions about term vs. whole life, we make it simpler here.

When should I get life insurance? It’s never too early to get life insurance! In fact, lots of parents buy life insurance for their newborn babies! There are some great perks to buying a life insurance policy at a young age, like lower premiums.

Life insurance can seem like an overwhelming topic with too many options or outcomes. Thankfully, good representatives can make the life insurance process easier and can help you find the right plan.

My to-do list is full of studying and applying for jobs, but I just squeezed “talk about life insurance with my parents” on there. Because what this internship has taught me more than anything, is it’s never too early to start protecting your future.

Life insurance policies issued by COUNTRY Life Insurance Company® and COUNTRY Investors Life Assurance Company®, Bloomington, Illinois.

Term Policy: ICC17(RCT)

Whole Life Policy: ICC13(WL)

Universal Life Accumulator Policy: in ID, UL(ID13); in OK, UL(OK13); in OR, UL(OR13); in TN, UL(TN13)

Universal Life Protector Policy: in ID, ULPRO(ID13); in OK, ULPRO(OK13); in OR, ULPRO(OR13); in TN, ULPRO(TN13)

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