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kid's birthday party decor
Kid’s birthday parties can be pricey. But they don’t have to be! #TakeSimpleSteps to cut the costs.
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by Valerie Hawkins

6 money-saving tips for your kid’s next birthday party

Are there any other parents out there who go buck-wild when it comes to their kids’ birthday parties? Because I sure the heck do.

My kid picks a theme, and then I spend a ridiculous amount of time and money on extravagant decorations that go unnoticed and cutesy themed food that goes uneaten. Because no one wants to eat green gelatin labeled “monster brains.”

Literally. No one.

After planning dozens of birthday parties in my previous life as an event planner, I learned a thing or two about what’s ok to splurge on, and what’s ok to skip.

Here are 6 simple ways you can cut the costs but not the fun at your next shin-dig!

green goodie bags
Bye-bye goodie bags

Buying gifts for all the kiddos at the party can add up. Even if you hit up a dollar store, it’s still an expense you can nix. No one will leave your party mad because they didn’t get a goodie bag. Promise.

dinosaur birthday party e-vite
Send e-vites

The cost of buying invitations and postage can cost you an average of $100. Sending an email or creating a Facebook event is free!

child's birthday party decor
Reuse décor

Did you love your friend’s child’s party theme from last year? Ask to borrow the décor! Or jump on a local for-sale Facebook group and ask what party decorations people have lying around! I bet they’d love to get rid of them at a discounted price.

DIY snake birthday cake
Make your own cake

Cakes can set you back around $50 (and lots more if you get fancy). Buy a box mix and have your little one help decorate it! It’s cheaper and it occupies your little one for a solid hour. #winning

birthday party at the park
Location, location, location

Choose a location that’s inexpensive, or better yet, free! If your home isn’t available, check out local parks, rec centers or church gyms for affordable options.

kids at the zoo
Don’t have one!

WHHHAAAATTT!? Before you hit the back button, give me a chance. Yes, your precious child deserves a birthday celebration – but that doesn’t always mean an extravagant party! He may feel just as special by going on a family picnic or taking a trip to the zoo.

Oh! And don’t forget to do something special with the money you just saved from the party, like putting it toward your child’s future!

What’s your fav money-saving hack when it comes to birthday parties? Share below! 

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