4 Ways to Lower Home Insurance Rates 

By Jeremy Brewer, Director, National Property Product at COUNTRY Financial

Home insurance is a necessity to protect you financially should you experience significant, costly damage to your home. And, as with many household expenses, you may be looking for ways to save on home insurance.  Here are some ways you can cut costs without skimping on your coverage. 

How to save on homeowners insurance

1. Look for home insurance discounts.

Many home insurers offer discounts. You may be eligible if you made improvements to your home such as replacing your roof, installing a home security system or smart home technology like water leak detectors. You may also be eligible to save if you pay on time or avoid claims for a specified amount of time. COUNTRY offers the following home insurance discounts:  

  • New Roof Discount 
  • Claim Free Discount
  • Good Payer Discount
  • Protective Devices Discount 
  • Smart Home Discount
  • Welcome Discount 

2. Bundle your policies with one company.

Many home insurers offer discounts if you bundle your home and auto insurance, along with any other insurance products you might need. COUNTRY Financial offers a multi-policy discount  for clients who have both home and auto policies with us. 

3. Change your home insurance deductible.

Your insurance agent can help you choose a deductible that works for your budget. If you want to lower monthly premium costs, you can choose to increase your deductible. 

It’s important to understand that lower coverage and higher deductibles may provide some savings in the beginning, but at claim time it could mean paying more money out of pocket. If you have a home insurance claim and the coverage isn’t sufficient, or the deductible is high, you may have to cover more out of pocket  than expected.  

It's also important to understand the type of deductible you have – whether it’s a set dollar amount or a percentage.  With percentage deductibles, as the cost to rebuild your home increases so will the level of your deductible. 

4. Ask your insurance agent  for a proper home valuation.

Make sure you review your home valuation with a representative. A verified valuation is key and may save you money on premium or at the time of a claim.  If you have concerns with your level of coverage, talk to a representative.  There may be additional coverage options available to help provide you with peace of mind.

These are just some ways to lower your home insurance rates. Contact a local representative to find out more. 

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Updated 6-30-23

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