Five Reasons to Meet with Your Insurance Agent

By Tim Harris, Vice President of Agency, COUNTRY Financial

The only thing that is certain about life is that there will be changes. This could mean changes to your family situation, or lifestyle, which are good times to talk with your insurance agent about your priorities and coverages. The good news is your COUNTRY Financial Insurance Agent is here to help you protect the people and things you love. 

Here are five times you may want to meet with your rep:  

1. You’re looking for ways to save money on insurance 

Consider checking in with your insurance agent if you’re looking for ways to save on your insurance rates.  Your agent can talk with you about your coverage needs and see if you qualify for new savings options like home insurance discounts or car insurance discounts.  

2. Reexamining your insurance policy when it is up for renewal

Don’t just automatically send a check to your insurance company; take a little time to evaluate your personal situation and needs since the last time you checked on your policy. Check on your coverage periodically to ensure you’re adequately protected. 

3. Major lifestyle changes

Did you recently get married, have a baby or go through a divorce? All of these lifestyle changes can impact your insurance coverage needs. For example, if you recently got married, you may want to consider purchasing life insurance to provide financial protection for each other and discuss your financial goals as a married couple with a financial advisor. 

Also, reach out when your kids have changes, such as reaching driving age, going to college, or if an adult child moves back home. 

4. Buying or receiving valuable items 

If you’ve received gifts such as jewelry, or you’ve bought anything new for your home including TV’s, computers or even artwork, you may need additional personal property protection.

5. Quality of life and property improvements

Making personal life changes to improve your health, such as quitting smoking, may affect your ability to purchase life insurance coverage, and could improve your rate. 

Reach out to your insurance agent if you’ve made home or property improvements such as expanding your home or replacing the roof. You may qualify for a discount on your home insurance if you’ve installed a fire/burglar alarm system or upgraded your heating, plumbing or electrical system. 

We recommend you talk with your COUNTRY Financial Insurance Agent annually to stay current on your insurance needs and financial goals. 


Updated 6-15-23

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