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3 Reasons Farmers Practice Conservation

by Valerie Hawkins

Ben Wurmnest is a COUNTRY Financial® Agribusiness Underwriter by day and 7th generation farmer by day, night, weekend and on holidays.

He purchased his first plot of land in 2014. Graduating with a Crop Science degree from the University of Illinois, Ben understands the importance of giving back to the land that provides for all of us.

So, let’s talk benefits! Here are some of the reasons why Ben practices progressive conservation efforts on his own family farm.

1. Healthy soil = healthier crops

After a few years, Ben transitioned away from tillage on his farm, splitting fertilizer applications, and began planting cover crops to help improve his soil health.

These efforts have many benefits to soil, like:

  • Allow nutrients to return to the soil at a more natural pace
  • Protect beneficial fungi, organic matter, and nutrients in the soil
  • Preserve essential moisture in the soil
  • Use nitrogen more efficiently

2. Saves time and money

A no-till operation can save farmers in fuel, equipment, and labor. And optimizing fertilizer use by splitting applications can reduce excess expenses and nitrogen loss to the environment.

3. We can leave it better than we found it

Conservation efforts, like the ones Ben practices, are long-term investments in the land and future of farming.

“Most people, especially on a family farm, want to continue to pass their farm to next generation,” Ben said. “By putting these practices into place, we can improve our land and be proud of what we’re handing down.”

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Getting started

“It’s ok to start out slow,” says Ben. “Be patient. It’s easy to fall back on old habits – maybe how your dad or grandpa did it. Trust the science behind these conservation efforts and know the return from your hard work now will eventually show up down the road.”

And just like Ben works hard to protect his farmland, COUNTRY has been working hard to protect farmers since 1925. Learn more at

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