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by Hope Linker

FarmHer reveals: Misconceptions of modern ag

4 years ago, Marji Guyler-Alaniz founded FarmHer. FarmHer is a place where women in agriculture can connect and be a part of a community built just for them. Make sure to check out our recent Q&A with her in case you missed it. There’s a lot of buzz around the misconceptions and myths of modern agriculture. We asked Marji for her take.

What do you think the biggest misconception is in modern agriculture? That one way of farming is right or wrong. It isn’t. It takes all kinds to make up this beautiful culture. Sure, there are big farms that are corporations that produce huge amounts of food. There are also small farms that produce food that is sold or consumed in a household or locally in a community. There are people operating in all different ways in agriculture. Growing and raising food that feeds all types of consumers with different needs. As my mom always told me, “it takes all kinds.”

farmher social post
farmher social post

What do you think the average person can do to spread awareness about these misconceptions? Sharing what you do and how you do it is the best way for anybody to help connect consumers to agriculture.  The way our food system is organized, most people never have and never will get to experience a farm. They won’t know the ins and outs or ups and downs.  They will never lead that life.  But, by sharing a little bit of yours they might be able to better understand or at least see what agriculture is.

If someone wants to get involved with agriculture, where do you recommend they start? Follow a blog or join a group on social media.  Join an industry group. Go to a conference or event and listen to a speaker.  Engage with that speaker.  Get involved with Future Farmers of America.  Volunteer at a local Community Supported Agriculture.  Reach out to a farmer to have a discussion.  There are countless ways to get involved and sometimes just taking the first step and putting yourself out there is all it takes.

farmher social post
farmher social post

Telling stories about our farming heritage is important to us. Have any questions about modern agriculture? Our farm and crop team would love to help answer these questions in a future COUNTRY Financial Connect article. Leave them below!

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