Two girls on video call with Country Financial representatives

COUNTRY Financial Surprises Young Warrior

by Cody Dees

If you know COUNTRY Financial©, you know how much we love the color green. Green sneakers, green furniture, all green…everything. We love green so much that once a year, during St. Patrick’s Day, we help #DyeTheRiverGreen through our partnership with The Chicago Journeymen Plumbers Local Union 130 UA.

(If you’re unfamiliar with the event do a quick search of’s epic.)

Leading up to the big day, we were introduced to Kara Ford. Her daughter Keeli has  Muscular Dystrophy. Kara asked us if we could fly a “Light it Up Green” flag on the CityView Shoreliner that dyes the river, in Keeli’s honor. If you’re unfamiliar, Light It Up Green is a campaign that brings awareness to Muscular Dystrophy by illuminating iconic buildings. Take a look.

Color us intrigued! COUNTRY Financial has a robust history of community service and philanthropy, and what pulled our heartstings the most is how Kara described Keeli as a “Muscular Dystrophy Warrior”. Not a victim. Not a patient. A warrior.

It would’ve been easy enough to fly Keeli’s flag, but this little warrior’s story inspired us to do a little more.

Check it out:

Year after year, we are thrilled to share the river dying experience with hundreds of thousands of people. However, we would be lying if we said we weren’t especially excited to welcome Keeli and Kara aboard. After all, their favorite color is green!

We think it's safe to say they had a nice time...

Young girl dressed for St. Patrick's Day
Two people holding up Light it Up Green poster for Chicago St. Patrick's Day parade
Two young girls holding Light it Up Green for Chicago St. Patrick's Day parade
Child in stroller dressed for St. Patrick's Day

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