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Two Key Reasons Why Car Insurance Goes Up 

by Kristin Smith

When it seems that everything costs more these days, you may ask why car insurance costs go up. You drive the same way you have month after month and year after year, so why should the cost change? Here are two key factors impacting auto insurance rates. 

Increased technology in cars

Basically, our cars got fancy. Back in the day, a fender bender resulted in a small repair and a small repair bill. Today, you’re replacing more than a headlight. It’s a special-ordered, LED headlight. Don’t even get started with the sensors in that fender. The more bells and whistles, the more it costs to fix.

Healthcare costs 

When health care prices rise, so do auto insurance rates because auto insurance covers the medical costs of those injured in accidents or collisions.

How you can help control auto insurance cost

While you can’t control car repair or healthcare costs, you can help control the cost of car insurance by:

  • Maintaining your vehicle: Keep up with oil changes, brake repair, tire replacement, and other necessary maintenance. A well-maintained car is a safer car.
  • Carpooling: Ride to work with friends or colleagues. If you work at the same place or are close to each other, you can take turns driving. You’ll save some gas money, reduce the number of cars on the road and have time to connect with your friends. 
  • Putting your phone away: Distracted driving accounts for a high number of car accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the “estimated number of drivers using electronic devices during the day is 660,000.” That includes people who text, snap photos, record videos, and more. The younger the driver, the higher the distraction rates. So, stow your phone before you start the car.       
  • Knowing your route: When you know where you’re going and how you’ll get there before you start driving, you’ll be a more focused driver. This isn’t an issue for daily driving in familiar areas, but if you’re on a trip or in an unfamiliar part of your hometown, review your route and use hands-free GPS. 
  • Selecting your music before you hit the road: Who doesn’t love a good soundtrack while driving? Just pick your playlist before you go, so you aren’t changing music while you’re driving.

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