Kristin Smith

Kristin Smith, aka Smitty, spent the first 16 years of her career searching for the job she has now. Her work as a Senior Content Specialist checks off every box on her list:

  • Fun – check
  • Interesting – check
  • Challenging – check
  • Rewarding – check
  • Paying gig - check

When she looks at her co-workers, she feels like she has finally found her tribe. These are people she would go to battle with, if the battle is trivia and the prize is money. When not spending time with family or friends, you will find her reading, walking, cooking, or working on her side gig as a TV aficionado. Her laugh is too loud and she is often sentenced to work alone in a conference room so as not to bother the others. She likes to think she can sling ink and sass equally, but often fails at both. Never ask her to tell you a joke. She can’t. She is literally incapable of doing so. She can, however, help you find the light in the dark, be your scary movie buddy, or listen to your jokes. 

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