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Life Insurance

It's the people you love who bring the most joy to your life.

Protect them with life insurance hand-picked for your unique situation.

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Term Life

For an easy and affordable way to protect your family, consider term life insurance.

Whole Life

Feel secure and protect the ones you love with lifelong coverage that builds cash value.

Universal Life

Get a different type of life insurance that offers unique flexibility and options.

Looking out for their future.

It can feel intimidating, but it’s important to plan ahead to protect the ones you love. Life insurance can help. The main purpose of life insurance is to provide money to your loved ones if something happens to you - which can be a great way to help protect your family as they continue through life.  

And if life goes on and you don't need to use the death benefit, life insurance can have living benefits for you. With a permanent life policy that builds cash value, the cash value may be used for your own retirement, your children's education, or other life needs in the future.* 

We'll help you determine the type and amount of life insurance that fits your family.

Here's a quick life insurance comparison of the 3 main types of coverage we offer:

Term Life Whole Life Universal Life
Permanent Protection


Yes, as long as premiums are paid

Yes, as long as premiums are paid

Cash Value Buildup





Premiums won’t increase for the length of your policy (10, 20 or 30 years)

Premiums will never increase

Premiums are flexible

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Policies issued by COUNTRY Life Insurance Company® or COUNTRY Investors Life Assurance Company®, Bloomington, IL. 

The information and descriptions contained here are not intended to be complete descriptions of all terms, conditions and exclusions applicable to the products and services. The precise insurance coverage under any COUNTRY Life or COUNTRY Investors insurance product is subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions in the actual policies as issued. Products and services described in this website vary from state to state and not all products, coverages or services are available in all states.

*Loans will decrease the cash value and death benefit of the policy.

Policy form numbers
Term Policy: ICC13(RCT)
Whole Life Policy: ICC13(WL)
Universal Life Accumulator Policy: in ID, UL(ID13); in OK, UL(OK13); in OR, UL(OR13); in TN, UL(TN13)
Universal Life Protector Policy: in ID, ULPRO(ID13); in OK, ULPRO(OK13); in OR, ULPRO(OR13); in TN, ULPRO(TN13)