July 21, 2021

COUNTRY Financial® DriverIQ App Launches, Promoting Safe Driving Habits that Generate Additional Auto Policy Discounts

App and discount available this month in Illinois, Indiana, Oregon, and Minnesota; scheduled for implementation in 18 states by end of 2021

Woman with DriverIQ app

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. - COUNTRY Financial® is introducing a new telematics tool with auto policy discounts to promote safe driving habits among its clients and their families. COUNTRY Financial DriverIQ utilizes a driver’s smartphone to collect driving data and display current and projected discounts based on the client’s driving behaviors. Family members can also share scoring and reporting with one another, a valuable training tool for families with teen drivers. The rolling launch starts in July 2021 through the company’s insurance agents in Illinois, Indiana, Oregon, Minnesota, and expands to 18 states through December.

“We’re using this innovative technology to keep families safe on the roads and provide feedback to make every driver that uses the app better,” said Felipe Teixeira, National Auto Product Director at COUNTRY Financial. “This performance-based program provides drivers data on their driving behavior, truly putting our clients in the driver’s seat when it comes to positively impacting their community, as well as their premium.”

At enrollment, clients receive a 10% discount for each vehicle of which they are listed as the driver on the policy. Driving behavior, tracked and displayed through the COUNTRY Financial DriverIQ dashboard, will lead to a new discount between 1% and 25% at each six-month policy renewal. Data monitored by the app’s smartphone sensors, privately shared between client and Country Financial only, includes acceleration, braking, cornering, phone distraction while driving, and speeding. The detailed trip feedback also includes weekly summaries with gamification features (leaderboards, trends, streaks, etc.) that help drive engagement with the program, resulting in driving behavior improvement.

The COUNTRY Financial DriverIQ launch follows a pilot in Colorado and Minnesota that began in 2019. The rollout continues in August with availability in Colorado, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Idaho, Oklahoma, and Iowa, followed by Missouri, Kansas and Nevada in October and Arizona in November. The app will be available in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, and Alaska in December. Rollout in Washington is expected at a later date.

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