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Safety Materials

The more you know, the safer you'll be.

We’ve designed a host of educational safety programs to help parents and teachers teach safety lessons to children, teens, and adults. The programs are fun. They’re easy to obtain. And they’re free! You have several subjects at your fingertips. To see what we have to offer, check out the categories below.

Educational Safety Materials for Elementary-Aged Children

Come along with the COUNTRY safety mascot – everyone’s favorite dog, Reddy Rider. He’s got the latest in fun games and puzzles. Take a look at the safety topics he covers:  

Reddy Goes Green

Sustainability, Being Eco-friendly

Reddy Goes Green teaches children how to be friendly to the environment. Children will learn what can be recycled, how to identify fruits and veggies, and how to make spiced carrot muffins.

Reddy Fire Safety

Fire safety

Reddy Fire Safety book provides fun activities to learn more about fire hazards and how to plan an escape route out of their homes. For children 5 to 10 years old.

Reddy Riders Activity Book

Bike, roller blades, scooter and skateboard safety 

Reddy Riders Activity Book provides fun activities for children 5 to 10 years old, while teaching them to be safe on their wheeled toys.

Reddy Riders Teacher’s Guide

Bike, roller blades, scooter and skateboard safety

Reddy Riders Teacher’s Guide is designed for school teachers and parents to help teach children how to be safe while bicycling, in-line skating, skateboarding and riding scooters. Includes copy-masters, classroom poster and stickers.

Reddy on the Farm

Reddy on the Farm book consists of safety puzzles, mazes and other activities to remind children (5 to 10 years old) to be aware of hazards on a farm or ranch.  

Education Safety Materials for Teens and Adults

From learning the rules of the road to explaining how insurance works, we’ve got you covered: 

Beginning Teenage Drivers

Beginning teen drivers

Beginning Teenage Drivers brochure is designed to help parents of new teen drivers learn how to establish effective rules and talk with their teens about the risks associated with driving.

Young Drivers: The High-Risk Years

Reducing teen driving accidents

Young Drivers: The High-Risk Years is a 16-minute DVD that can help new drivers break high-risk conduct before it becomes habit.

Making the Grade

Good grades make a difference

Making the Grade brochure illustrates the relationship between good grades and lower auto insurance rates.

Safety Matters…in the COUNTRY

Farm & Ranch safety

Safety Matters…in the COUNTRY Checklist can be used by farmers and ranchers to check for and eliminate farm and ranch hazards.

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