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Tools & Resources

Help yourself to our toolbox.

Knowledge is power. Getting informed about your finances and insurance can help you make smart decisions now and in the future.

Tools & Resources

Mobile Apps

Our mobile apps can help you understand where you are at today and prepare for tomorrow.


ChorePal empowers families, teaches kids the value of a dollar, and provides satisfaction for a job well done.

COUNTRY Financial Mobile

Make a payment, get policy information, view your insurance card, and more with our mobile app.


Obtain policy details, view your representatives information, and view the status of your claim with our crop app.

Calculators & Tools

With the right guidance, most families can build a financially secure future. Featured tools:

What vehicle can I afford?

Use your down payment, desired monthly payment, annual interest rate, and loan terms to determine what vehicle you can afford.

What home can I afford?

Provide us your income, expenses, down payment, interest rate and loan terms and we'll tell you which home you can afford to purchase.

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Ready for Retirement?

Do you know what you need for retirement? When is the best time to begin planning for your retirement? Now!

Regardless of whether you started working one year ago, or retirement is drawing near, the more you plan - the more you will save. Use this retirement needs calculator to answer questions based on your age, expected length or retirement, anticipated living expenses, and more. By providing these answers, we will help you plan for your future so you can enjoy the here and now.

Retirement Needs Calculator

Prepare for Life Events

There are certain milestones in your life you will never forget - moving out on your own, getting married, or the day you joined parenthood and welcomed your first child. We're here to assist you in covering all the details concerning important days like these so you can focus on what really matters - making memories.

Moving Out

There's more to moving out than knowing how to properly pack a box. We have all the information you'll need to learn how to properly protect yourself (and your stuff) during your big move.

Getting Married

Saying "I do" is one of the most important days of your life. And while the vows, cake, and guests may be overwhelming your mind - we're here to help answer your lingering questions after the thank you cards have been sent out.

Having a Baby

Welcoming a child is one of life's most precious gifts. We have all the information you need to help prepare yourself in protecting your whole new world.

Educator Resources

Staying safe and learning how to manage money are two important life lessons we should all start understanding from a young age. We've got tools for parents and educators to get started.

Safety Education

We’ve designed a host of educational safety programs to help parents and teachers teach safety lessons to children, teens and adults. The programs are fun, free and you'll have several subjects at your fingertips!

Financial Education

Educating young people about money is important for their financial future and the future of our communities. The information in our materials allows young people to make more informed choices and be better able to pursue their dreams.

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Market and Economic Insights

Stay up-to-date on economic and financial market developments.

COUNTRY Trust Bank Special Report: Volatility is Back - Released 2/12/2018

Volatility is back after an abnormally tranquil 2017. Here are CTB’s views on the recent stock market correction.

Market and Economic Outlook - Released 01/02/18

The stock market soared with record low volatility in 2017. The landscape looks favorable for equities in 2018, but investors need to maintain discipline.

COUNTRY Trust Bank Special Report: 10 Years After the Crash - Released 12/5/2017

COUNTRY Trust Bank® believes that successful investing is about ‘time in’ the market rather than ‘timing’ the market, and the solid returns over the last 10 years are one reason why.

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Video Gallery

Our video gallery has a little of everything. Hear from our customers, learn about planning for the financial future you want, see what COUNTRY Financial is up to in our communities, and more!