DriverIQ Client Consent

By opting to participate in the DriverIQ program you understand and agree to the following:

  • You must download and complete setup of the DriverIQ app on a compatible phone, AND, provide driving data to COUNTRY Financial within 30 days of enrolling in the program.
  • You will be considered an inactive user and the DriverIQ discount will be removed if COUNTRY Financial does not receive driving data within 30 days of enrollment into the program, or, if at any given time driving data is not received for a period of 30 consecutive days.
  • If you’re removed from the program due to inactivity you can re-enroll prior to your next renewal, however, you’ll receive a reduced discount on your renewal date. 
  • If an insufficient amount of trip data is recorded over your policy period and Country Financial is unable to make an accurate assessment of your driving behavior, the enrollment discount or performance-based discount may be reduced.
  • To keep the DriverIQ app active by logging in and updated to the most recent app version on a compatible smartphone.
  • If your phone is not compatible with the DriverIQ app due to not having the required sensors, you will not be able to participate in the program and your discount will be removed.
  • During and after app setup you must accept all required phone permissions and always allow location services for the DriverIQ app to function as designed to collect driving data.
  • If we suspect a pattern of manipulating DriverIQ data or frequent disabling of the DriverIQ app, or we determine that driving data sent to COUNTRY Financial may not be representative of your actual driving behavior, the enrollment discount or performance-based discount may be removed, and you may be removed from the DriverIQ program. 
  • Your enrollment discount will transition to a performance-based discount based on driving behavior at renewal.
  • Your performance-based discount will be recalculated based on driving data received by COUNTRY Financial at each subsequent renewal, if you remain an active user.
  • If you are receiving a performance-based discount, your discount may decrease at policy renewal if your driving data indicates a decrease in your driving score.
  • You will become ineligible for DriverIQ if you cause COUNTRY Financial to not receive data or to receive inaccurate data for the vehicle the discount is applied.
  • We may use the driving data we receive for internal purposes (including, where permitted, use of telematics data for claims) and for improvement to the DriverIQ program. 
  • You agree to release COUNTRY Financial and any other data service providers from any liability associated with the disclosure of information gathered through DriverIQ.
  • Notwithstanding any other communication preferences designated by you with COUNTRY Financial for any other product or program and except where prohibited by law, by providing your email address and/or telephone number(s) as a condition of participating in the DriverIQ program, you expressly agree to receive telecommunications about the DriverIQ program (including, but not limited to, email, text messaging, artificial voice messages, or any other type of telecommunication), including reminders, alerts, updates, or any other program information.
  • COUNTRY Financial will not disclose information to third parties except as permitted by the Customer Privacy Notice of COUNTRY Financial available at: 
  • COUNTRY Financial reserves the right to revise the terms of this consent and inform you of revisions by email or mail.  Your continued participation in DriverIQ confirms you agree to the revised consent.
  • COUNTRY Financial reserves the right to terminate the DriverIQ program at any time.



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