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5 Myths About Financial Professionals

By Michelle Lefebvre

If the Coronavirus pandemic had a negative impact on your finances, you may be wondering about your options. You could work with a financial professional to get back on track or try to deal with it on your own. To help you make the right decision, we’re busting five common myths about working with a financial professional.

1. I’m not wealthy enough.

No matter how much stuff you have or how much (or how little) money is in the bank, you worked hard to get it. That’s why it makes sense to talk to someone about protecting what you’ve got, even if you don’t think you don’t need a financial professional. You know why? Because you deserve it!

2. My financial situation is too basic.

Everyone needs to start somewhere, which is why it’s smart to seek out financial wisdom even if you think your current money matters are pretty simple. Just like a set of building blocks, you can start with what you have and add to your collection as you go. This can help you develop good financial habits that evolve as your life changes.

3. I can put it off a few more years.

No matter what the goal is, there’s rarely a good reason to wait. Of course, we’d all like to start on that diet NEXT week, but you’ll reach your goal weight faster if you start watching what you eat now. Paying attention to your income and spending is a good habit to start tomorrow – I mean today!

4. I need to be in a better financial position.

It’s kind of like cleaning your home before the cleaning person comes over. There’s no need to be embarrassed about your situation or hide the facts. An experienced financial professional has seen it all, doesn’t judge and can help you clean up any potential messes. 

5. Financial professionals are just looking out for themselves.

Most have a sincere desire to help people and it’s why they got into the business. Whether that’s looking at your budget, protecting what matters now or looking forward to the next stage of life, financial professionals can help YOU.

Not comfortable talking about finances?

That’s totally normal. Seriously. Some people grew up not talking about money, while others feel awkward when the subject comes up. Or maybe you don’t feel like you can trust someone with this deeply personal information.

No matter what questions or concerns you have, this is a great time to start building a relationship with a financial professional. COUNTRY Financial representatives are all about you – and are committed to walking alongside you throughout your financial journey. Find a rep near you today!

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