Country rep talking to two clients

Plan for the worst. Expect the best.

by Valerie Hawkins

At the age of 14, when most kids are learning geometry and U.S. history, Stephen Carroll was learning how to walk and talk again.

The day his life changed, Stephen was playing a game of one-on-one in his driveway with his brother - something he’s done a million times in a place he thought he was safe.

But what happened next was a parents’ worst nightmare.

Watch to see how COUNTRY Financial representative, Stephen Carroll, overcame all odds and turned a horrific accident into a career path:

At a young age, Stephen learned the importance of proper insurance protection. Because of what he went through, he’s extremely passionate about making sure other families are prepared for the unexpected.

And whether it’s the worst or best day of a client’s life, reps like Stephen will be there. Every step of the way.

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