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Coverage for Your Best Friend

by Valerie Hawkins

Meet Tito. Tito is a 6 lb. 2-year-old Cockapoo (that’s a Cocker Spaniel-Poodle mix), with an out-of-this-world personality. Her family describes her as happy, energetic, loving and spoiled.

Like most dogs, Tito is a part of the family – the Adams family. John and Kristin Adams and their kiddos Sydney (age 16) and Will (13) added sweet Tito to their crew when she was eight weeks old.

First time for everything

Being first-time pet owners, John and Kristin did some serious research before buying a puppy. John even contacted their COUNTRY Financial® representative about adding pet insurance to their list of policies. But before they signed the paperwork, the unthinkable happened.

Three months after coming home, little Tito was doing what puppies do best…snooping. She found ibuprofen in Sydney’s volleyball bag and scarfed them down. Two days and two nights at the emergency vet and $2000 later, Tito was ok.

Accidents happen

“Immediately after that incident, we got the pet insurance policy,” said Kristin. Their policy covers injuries related to accidents (like eating people pills), and they also added preventative care coverage to their plan. “It gives us peace of mind knowing Tito will be taken care of physically, and we will be taken care of financially, if another accident happened.” And another accident did happen.

Shortly after purchasing the policy, Tito ate something sketchy in the backyard. The policy covered blood tests and vet care. Tito once again pulled through, but this time without the bill. “This validated our decision to get pet insurance,” Kristin said. “The claim process was very easy, and it was nice to have the financial coverage.”

Polaroid picture collage of brown dog

“Don’t be me”

So what does Kristin want to tell other pet owners? “Don’t be me!” she chuckled. “If you’re thinking about pet insurance, and it fits into your budget, get it right away. You already invested your money in a puppy.
Invest a little more in pet insurance to make sure she’s covered. Because you’re going to do whatever you need to do to take care of your pet when they’re sick.”

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