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Recruit the best. Starting a 401(k) plan for your employees could be the way to do it.

Your employees work hard for you. Provide them with a 401(k) plan that works hard for them.

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Solo 401(k)

If you own a business but have no employees, a Solo 401(k) can help you get the retirement you want.

Traditional 401k

A well designed 401(k) can be a win-win for you and your employees.

Safe Harbor 401(k)

Bring more color to your employee benefit plan with a 401(k) plan simplified for small businesses.

Find the Right Plan

Answer a few questions to find a plan that fits your business and choose a design that meets your specific needs.

We Can Help

We can help

You might think 401(k) plans are complicated. They can be unless you have an experienced service provider help you do the heavy lifting - one like COUNTRY Trust Bank®. We’re a “bundled” provider, which means we can handle various parts of your 401(k).

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