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Fixed Annuities

Preparing for a good, long life ahead

A fixed annuity can be a great way to plan for retirement income if you live a long life. 

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Flexible Premium Deferred

Offers a flexible premium schedule during the accumulation stage.

Single Premium Deferred

Offers the ability to make a one-time lump sum payment and receive a guaranteed minimum interest rate.

Single Premium Immediate

Offers immediate guaranteed income for the rest of your life.

Intro to Fixed Annuities

Is an annuity right for me?

It depends. Many retirees cover their fixed expenses like housing costs and food with guaranteed income sources, like Social Security and pensions. That leaves their other retirement investments and savings for the fun stuff, like traveling and hobbies.

If you don’t think Social Security and pension money will cover all your fixed expenses, buying an annuity can add another guaranteed income source to your retirement. It can also be a good choice if you’re concerned you won’t be disciplined in withdrawing money from your savings.

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Benefits of annuities

In addition to having the option of lifetime income, if you have a deferred annuity, the value of your annuity can grow tax-deferred at interest rates that are guaranteed not to fall below a certain minimum. There's often no limit on the amount you can contribute to an annuity*, and you can choose from a variety of payout options. The payments you receive from your annuity will vary based on the payout option you choose.

*Annuities purchased in an IRA or other qualified account are subject to IRS contribution limits.

Flexible Premium Deferred Annuity Single Premium Deferred Annuity Single Premium Immediate Annuity
How it's Purchased

With an initial single payment, plus additional payments as desired

Single payment

Single payment

When You Start Taking Payouts

At a future date of your choice

At a future date of your choice

Within the first year after purchase

Who It's For

You could be an ideal choice if you want to invest money over time in an annuity, instead of funding it with a lump sum of cash.

May be a good choice if you've inherited money, profited from a house sale, or received another lump sum of money but won't be retiring soon.

Might be a smart option if you're getting ready to retire or are already retired.

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Fixed annuities may be issued by COUNTRY Investors Life Assurance Company®, Bloomington.