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Federal Crop Insurance

Nobody watches the weather more than a farmer.

When it doesn't cooperate, federal crop insurance can help.



Federal Crop

Intro to Federal Crop Insurance

Mother Nature can strike any time. Federal crop insurance from COUNTRY Financial® can help protect your land when she does. And if you ever have a claim, our crop adjusters are prepared and trained to respond within 24 hours. We’recommitted to taking care of you by resolving your claim as quickly as possible.

Federal Crop Insurance, also called multi-peril crop insurance (MPCI) provides coverage for your loss of yield and/or revenue from natural disasters like drought, excessive moisture, disease, wind, wildfire, and hail.


No two farms are the same, so you have several different policy options to choose from.

Yield Protection (YP)

Created to provide protection against a loss in yield due to naturally occurring events, this coverage guarantees a production yield based on your Actual Production History (APH).

Revenue Protection (RP)

This coverage helps protect against revenue loss caused by a price increase or decrease, low yields or a combination of both. Protected amounts are based on your APH and the greater of the projected price or the harvest price, which are determined in accordance with the Commodity Exchange Price Provisions (CEPP). 

Revenue Protection with the Harvest Exclusion (RP-HPE)

Provides protection against a loss of revenue caused by price decrease, low yields or a combination of both. Protected revenue amounts are based on your APH and projected price. 

Area Yield Protection (AYP)

Designed to insure against widespread loss of yield due to a county level production loss, AYP is based on the expected county yield (not individual yields). A loss payment is received if the average county yield is less than your trigger yield. This protection does not protect against a loss of revenue.

Area Revenue Protection (ARP)

ARP provides protection against loss of revenue due to a county level production loss, price decline, or combination of both. Created to be used by those wanting to insure the combination of yield and price, the expected county yields are multiplied by the greater of the Base Price (spring) or the Harvest Price (fall) and includes harvest price protection. 

Area Revenue Protection with Harvest Price Exclusion (ARP-HPE)

Provides protection against loss of revenue due to a county level production loss, price decline, or combination of both. You only receive a loss payment when the county revenue falls below your selected trigger revenue. ARP-HPE does not include upside harvest price protection. 

Whole Farm Revenue Protection (WFRP)

Designed for farms with up to $8.5 million in insured revenue, WFRP provides coverage for most commodities on the farm under one policy. This includes specialty or organic product farms (both crops and livestock).

Pasture, Rangeland, and Forage (PRF)

Allows for purchase of insurance to protect for losses of forage made for grazing or gathered for hay. This program is specifically designed to protect your pasture, rangeland, and forage acres.

Margin Protection (MP)

This coverage provides protection against an unexpected decrease in your operating margin and is area-based, using county level input estimates.


Federal crop insurance doesn’t have to be complicated. Our local crop insurance representatives make it easy for you to understand your options so you can make an informed decision. Contact us for more information today.

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Policies issued by COUNTRY Mutual Insurance Company®, Bloomington, IL. This entity is an equal opportunity provider.