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Financial Guidance

It only takes one seed to grow something beautiful.

With a little nurturing, the plant will navigate around obstacles and find a place to sprout.

Life can be the same way

Your dreams need strong roots, too. You have to adapt to an ever-changing world and work around obstacles to make them come true. 

Who knows how you can grow?

COUNTRY Financial does. Our family of companies sprouted from a small seed planted by a group of Illinois farmers in 1925. We know how to help you take those simple steps to make your seeds break through soil. Let’s get started. 

Budgeting doesn’t have to be hard

Get started with the 50/30/20 rule.

Credit rating service

Who is FICO and why are they giving me a score?

Like writing things out?

Print out our worksheets to help you start working on your budget, saving for that vacation, or paying off those student loans.

Need help with your budget?

Our budget worksheet can help you start planning your budget today.

Trying to pay down debt?

Download our debt payoff worksheet to help keep track of what you owe.

Saving for a big ticket item?

Use our savings goal worksheet to figure out how long it will take to reach your goal.

Spending too much?

Our spending worksheet can help you identify where you’re spending your money.

Strong roots below, big dreams above

We’ll help you cultivate the life you want no matter what stage you’re in so you can plant firm roots that will grow into your dreams.

Select an option to learn more

Just Starting Out

If you’re just starting out with all of the firsts like your car, home, or job

In the Thick of It

If you're in the thick of life with a career, a family, or your forever home

Best is Yet to Come

If you’re heading toward retirement or an empty nest