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Savings jar for vacation
Add adventure into your budget
posted in: Financial Wellness
by Jenna Allen

Budgeting for vacation

When funds are tight, you may have a hard time justifying the cost of a vacation. However, there are a few things you can do to lower the cost of a vacation enough to make it fit your family's financial situation.

Create a specific budget plan. At minimum, you should know that the maximum amount of money you can afford to spend on your vacation.

Plan early. You can often lock in the lowest prices on airfare by booking six months or so in advance, and you do not need to worry about increasing ticket prices.Look for last minute deals.If you cannot plan ahead and don't mind keeping your options open, taking advantage of last minute deals can save you money. Check out websites like Late Rooms, Last Minute or Hotel Tonight.

Travel during an off-season. It may be difficult to have an off-season vacation if you still have kids in school, but travel prices are usually lowest during these times because demand drops.

Pack light, especially if you're flying. The majority of airlines charge you to check baggage. Plan ahead!

Stay with friends or family. If you know someone who lives near your vacation destination, ask if they would consider housing you. Pay them back with a meal or a house-warming present!

Cut the cost of eating out. Pack the majority of your meals and beverages, and reserve a hotel room with a microwave and refrigerator to store and warm your food

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