Home & Renters Insurance FAQs

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Renters insurance includes coverage for your belongings, liability risks and medical payments to others. It’s super affordable, easy to get and can make a huge difference if your stuff is ever destroyed.

Home insurance doesn’t include coverage for flood damage, and flood insurance is generally only available through the National Flood Insurance Program. We can help get you coverage through the federal program if your home qualifies.*

Your deductible is the amount you’re generally responsible for paying each time you have a covered claim on your home. You choose your deductible when you purchase your policy and can change it by calling your COUNTRY Financial® representative or 866-COUNTRY (866-268-6879). Your insurance costs will be lower with a higher deductible, but your costs at claim time will be higher.

Coverage for damage from sump pump overflow isn’t automatically included on the basic home policy. However, you can add sump pump failure coverage to your COUNTRY Financial home policy at an affordable cost. Contact your representative for more details.

If a tree falls on your home due to wind, we’ll pay to have the tree moved from the house, to the ground, so your home can be repaired. We’ll also pay up to $500 to remove/haul away the part of the tree that damaged your home. However, your policy doesn’t provide coverage to replace trees damaged in a storm.

Affordable identity theft coverage is available as an add-on to your COUNTRY Financial home policy. There are two main benefits to this coverage. If you're the victim of covered id theft:

1. You’ll be reimbursed for many of the expenses you incur while you work to get your issue resolved.

2. COUNTRY Financial will connect you with an advocacy service that specializes in helping people restore their good name and credit.  A specialist will work on your behalf to notify credit bureaus, creditors and collectors. The service also includes ongoing fraud monitoring and a full year of active follow-up service to help make sure your credit rating is fully restored.

Talk to your COUNTRY Financial representative today for more information.

You’ll need to report a claim before we’re able to come out and inspect your roof. A claims adjuster can then come out to help you determine if you have roof damage from a covered claim.  To report a claim, log in to your account or call 866-COUNTRY (866-268-6879).

Who you hire to do repair work on your home is your choice, and we usually recommend you ask family and friends for referrals. However, COUNTRY Financial would also be happy to provide you with names of contractors.

After you report your claim, a COUNTRY Financial claims rep will inspect and write an estimate for the damages. Our estimate will be based on the cost to repair or replace the damaged cabinets with similar cabinets to the ones you had. If you want to upgrade your cabinets, you’re more than welcome to. You’ll just be responsible for any difference in the cost.

If you own rental property, you can buy landlord insurance for the building(s), lost income, liability and a small amount of personal property. Landlord insurance doesn’t provide coverage for your tenants’ belongings though. They’ll need to purchase separate renters insurance for that.

If you own rental property, you may be responsible for any damage to the buildings, and you also have liability exposures as a landlord. You can buy landlord insurance for both full time rentals and frequent (vacation-type) rentals to help protect you.

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*Flood insurance policies are offered through CC Services, Inc., from various third-party carriers not affiliated with COUNTRY Financial®, in accordance with the National Flood Insurance Program. The issuing carrier is responsible for all claims determination as well as claims paying ability. For more information about CC Services, Inc., read the License and Name Information in our full Terms & Conditions.