Fighting Fraud: Insurance Fraud Costs Everyone

At COUNTRY Financial® we want to protect you from becoming a victim of insurance fraud. That's why we have a team of dedicated insurance fraud busters who look out for your best interests every day.

Our Special Investigators

Our Special Investigations Unit deters, detects, and defeats fraud in all 50 states. They regularly succeed in cracking a variety of cases involving everything from fake property losses to misrepresented injuries.

Our investigators work closely with the National Insurance Crime Bureau and local, state, and federal law enforcement to examine potential fraudulent claims and prosecute people who commit insurance fraud.

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Fraud fighting tools

We have beefed up our fraud fighting capabilities by purchasing the latest anti-fraud tools. These tools extract claims data from an existing national database and quickly help identify attempts to make fraudulent claims. The tools allow members of the insurance industry to work more efficiently with NICB to break up organized crime rings.

How you can help

Our investigators need your help in busting fraud. If you suspect insurance fraud has occurred:

Together, we can make a difference in fighting the war on fraud!

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