June 3, 2024

PRIDE Month Activities Encourage Employees to Connect and Celebrate

June is a busy month of celebration for Bart Hickey, Claims Support Unit Supervisor at COUNTRY Financial, and Chair of the PRIDE Employee Resource Group. The group will launch a month of activities named “PRIDE Palooza” to help employees network, learn and celebrate PRIDE at the companies. Events include a paint night, lunch n’ learn with LGBTQ+ history and virtual bingo.

The PRIDE Resource Group works year-round to build a culture of inclusivity and to provide opportunities for employees to learn how to best support one another. When the PRIDE Resource Group launched in 2022, Hickey says he immediately became involved. “I attended the launch event, which was a panel discussion, and heard the panelists’ stories and experiences and saw myself in a part of each one that was shared. I immediately filled out the membership form and marked YES that I was interested in getting involved.”

COUNTRY Financial is committed to creating a culture in which all voices are heard, and everyone’s contributions are valued. The resource groups help connect employees to topics that matter to them with the support of the organization and its leaders.

Hickey says the PRIDE Resource Group has benefited employees in a number of ways, like improving confidence in the workplace. “Many things impact the way we work. Having representation and feeling seen is one of those factors. It can help boost a team member’s confidence, allowing them to voice the next great idea in a meeting.”

This PRIDE Month, Hickey says he looks forward to celebrating identity within the LGBTQA+ community. “PRIDE means the celebration of diversity along with the push for equal rights and recognition. It means lifting each other up as it takes courage to live openly and authentically.”

This will be the first month the PRIDE Resource Group has hosted PRIDE Palooza, and Hickey thanks his fellow RG members for their dedication. “The PRIDE Resource Group is made up of an exceptional group of leaders and committee members who have put a lot of time, effort and thought into each this year’s celebration. They have made sure all events are accessible to all employees regardless of location, and that the variety of events allows for employees to celebrate and participate as much as they would like.”

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