Get Answers to Your Questions

Everyone wants a go-to person when they need help. Tim depends on his COUNTRY Financial representative when he has questions about insurance. He's putting together a few videos to answer your questions and show you the value of their connection.

I use my tractor to help family and friends on their property. I do not charge them for this work. Does my homeowner’s policy cover this? What risks am I taking? How would I insure these risks?

My new tractor has insurance as part of the financing. Is this coverage sufficient for my needs? 

I have an ‘umbrella policy’. Does that provide any coverage for using my tractor on other properties, either for hire, or not for hire?

I occasionally use my tractor for hire. Tilling gardens, clearing or mowing small brush, etc. What insurance should I consider?  

I pull my tractor on a trailer behind my truck. Is the tractor covered under my auto policy? Is the trailer covered? 

I do a variety of tractor work for hire. I understand that I need a “business owners” policy. Do I need special coverage for digging with my backhoe, or cutting down trees?  

About “Tractor Time with Tim”

Tim & Christy from “Tractor Time with Tim” both grew up on family farms but chose different career paths. Tim worked as a software engineer while Christy worked in pharmaceuticals and later as a stay-at-home mom with their daughter, Katriel. 

After 25 years, Tim’s passion for the software industry began to wane. Looking for something relaxing and distracting from the stress of the day job, Tim bought a subcompact tractor. Daughter Katriel shared a lot of “Tractor Time” with her dad in those early days, discussing life issues while tinkering with the activity of the day. They recorded these experiences on video, uploading them to YouTube for Katriel’s grandparents to watch. Soon other viewers were watching and commenting, and Tractor Time with Tim was born.

Why Tim chose COUNTRY Financial®

A few small mishaps and “close calls” reminded Tim & Christy that they needed to understand their insurance coverage. Tim’s extended family had always been pleased with the coverage and communication from their COUNTRY Financial representative, and the fact that the entire COUNTRY Financial team embraced the “rural lifestyle”. So Tim & Christy moved all of their business, home, and auto insurance to COUNTRY Financial, and have been sleeping well ever since! 

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