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Moving Out

Doing your own laundry is just the beginning.

We're here to help walk you through all there is to think about when you move out on your own.

Moving Out

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Protecting Your New Place and Everything In It

Whether you're renting an apartment or buying a first home or condo, having good insurance can make all the difference.

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Put home or renters insurance on your packing list

If your stuff is worth hauling, it's worth insuring. A lot of renters don't think about buying insurance, but if your belongings are destroyed in a fire or other disaster, you probably won't be reimbursed for them without a renters policy. For just a few dollars a month, you can get full replacement cost protection for your stuff.

If you're a new home or condo owner, your mortgage company will probably require you to buy insurance - but all policies aren't the same. Having protection you understand and feel comfortable with is the best way to know what you're covered for if you ever have a claim.

Keep track of what you own

If you had to list your possessions in an emergency, could you do it? In the event of a disaster or break-in, it's important to know what you have, so you can report it when it's gone.

Our handy Household Inventory Tool can help you keep track of everything you own - so you don't have to try and come up with it on the fly if you have a claim. It's also a helpful way to add up the value of all your stuff, so you can make sure you have enough insurance for it. Taking pics or a video is another great way to document what you own.

Moving on to Your Own Auto Insurance

Whether it's time to get your own auto insurance or you already have a policy, here are some important things to know.

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Get auto insurance you can feel good about

Having the right auto insurance can make a big difference if you ever have a claim. Be sure to compare coverages when you're comparing prices. And ask about any discounts you might qualify for.

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Crash Test

Getting the cheapest policy may be tempting, but it probably won't cover as much as you think it will. Take our Crash Test now to see how much cheap insurance could cost you.

Getting an Investment Plan Going

Starting an investment plan when you're young can have big payoffs in the future. Even if you don't have much to start with, every little bit helps.

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Get started early

You don't need a lot of money to start saving for your future. And when you start early, your money will have that much more time for potential growth. We know you have a lot of other bills to pay, but talk to a representative about your options and consider a long-term investment plan. Your future self may thank you!

Should I pay off debt or invest?

If you've got some debt built up with college loans or credit cards, getting it paid down could help give you more money to invest down the road. This tool can help you decide where it may be best to focus your efforts right now.

We Can Help

You have enough to organize when you move - let us help you sort out your insurance and financial options.

COUNTRY Financial is here to help you get settled in - with insurance you can feel comfortable with and recommendations on planning for your financial future. Talk to a representative to get started. Congrats on your new place!

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