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Having a Baby

A baby is a wonderful gift who changes your world.

Now that you've started a family, we can help you protect them and plan for their future.

Having a Baby

Protecting your New World

Taking care of the ones you love has never been more important.

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Take a look at life insurance

If you or your spouse were suddenly gone, would the rest of the family be able to afford the same lifestyle? Now is an important time to review your current life insurance policies to see if they still meet your family's needs. Life insurance can be a simple and affordable way you can help protect your family's financial future. You can even start a policy for your child, which can be a great gift they'll never outgrow.

How much life insurance do I need?

Life insurance can be important for protecting your family in the future, but how do you determine the coverage you'll need? Get some life insurance basics and calculate your potential costs and future expenses to get an idea of how much coverage you might want to consider.

Looking Ahead to Caps and Gowns

Education isn't cheap. Saving for your child's education now can help spread out the cost over time.

Get started before they start on solid foods

It’s no secret that getting an education is expensive. But it can really pay off. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, someone with a bachelor’s degree earns almost $24,000 a year more  on average than a high school graduate.1 Early planning can make a big difference. There are a lot of education funding options available today, depending on your specific situation.

How much should I be saving for college?

Saving for college can seem overwhelming. With a little planning though, you can get a really good start on having money set aside when that time comes. Use this calculator to get some specifics on how much you might want to save.

Funding the Future

Having a baby is a good time to start looking at your long term financial goals. 

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What's your financial plan?

The earlier you start saving, the better your chances may be of getting the future you want for you and your family. If you’ve started contributing to a retirement plan at work or have other investment accounts in place, you’re already off to a great start. The best way to find out if you’re doing enough to reach your financial goals is to sit down with a professional to help you fully assess your situation.


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Destination Retirement

You have dreams for your children, but it's also a good time to look at what your own dreams are for retirement. This calculator can help give you a general idea of what you should be saving to help make them happen.

We Can Help

You have enough to think about when your family is growing, let us help you think about your insurance and financial options,

COUNTRY Financial is here to help you protect your growing family and plan for the future. Talk to a representative to help you get started. Congrats on your new baby!

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1 Bureau of Labor Statistics.  "Employment Projections," 2014.